Incentive Management


Motivation is what counts! Tangible prizes, bonus systems, clubs for customers, sellers and dealers, travel incentives for 5 to 5000 participants, tangible and intangible bonuses, online or conventional, conceptions, action stories, graphics, text, design, budget controlling, catering, Art Deco, logistics.


Be it winter or summer, a volcano or a glacier, to Sicily or to Svalbard, up the Zugspitze or up the Sylt. movea. knows the world of incentives. The movea. team has organized events. Contrasts like fire and ice are no strangers to us. We sometimes stage them deliberately. That also applies to effects our customers may wish to create internally. Whether you want to bond a team, or inspire a pack of lone wolves, we can create an atmosphere charged with emotion, or a reserved, professional ambience.